Hydrodiseño Modular Pods

Hydrodiseño Global S.L. is a company engaged in the manufacture of modular kitchens and bathrooms pods. Based in Spain since 2005, we offer our clients disruptive technical and professional solutions, specialising in the design and installation of efficient spaces.

Our wide professional experience combined with digital technologies that enhance offsite manufacturing-style production, allow us to offer a product that perfectly combines the latest technology and human craftsmanship.


Pods are delivered and marketed as standardised products using modular elements produced in our production site with concrete, steel or ultralight structure. Improvements in the core design further increase productivity and optimisation.
Hydrodiseno warehouse


Production consists of assembly line–like processes in safe, non-hostile environments with a large degree of repeatability. The modules are then shipped and assembled on-site.

Hydrodiseno warehouse


We improve efficiency and integrate the design phase with the rest of the value chain by using building-information-modelling creating full 3D models. This enables us to automate processes with robotic manufacturing.



We use the same structures adapted to the client technical requirements and personalise all the interior features with a number of repeated units that guarantee the economic viability of the manufacturing process.


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