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Hydrodiseño Global S.L. is a company engaged in the manufacture of modular bathrooms and kitchens pods. Based in Spain since 2005, we offer to our clients disruptive technical and professional solutions, specialised in the design and installation of efficient spaces.

Our wide professional experience combined with digital technologies enhancing offsite manufacturing-style production, allow us to offer a product that perfectly combines the latest technology and human craftsmanship are perfectly combined.

Our Mission

Plug & Play

Our mission is to offer our clients modular solutions ready to be placed on-site and connected to the electric, water system and ventilation network of the building. At the same time, increasing productivity, accelerating project timelines, and yielding significant cost savings. All of this, implicit in a lean off-site manufacturing-style production of modules compared to traditional on-site projects.

Our Vision

A revolution in construction

The company strategic plan, set its ultimate goal in achieving leadership in the modular sector, increasing our global presence and expanding the constructive improvements that generate value to our customers. In line with the values of our company, we will promote continuous improvement, driving innovation with the passion that defines us: revolutionise the construction industry.

Our People

Our Board

Matías Segura

Chairman & CEO

Javier Cremades

Board Member

President Cremades & Calvo Sotelo

José Miguel García

Board Member

CEO Euskaltel

Manuel A. Ruiz

Board Member


Javier Gómez

Board Member

Senior Advisor Grupo Hotusa

Hydrodiseño’s Advisory Board is made up of top-level executives from various industries with expertise in national and international business management. The collaboration between the advisory board and the board of directors is already producing results in business development and the consolidation of the company’s international aspirations.

Our Executive Team

Sergio Romera
Sergio Romera

Management Controller

Andrea Segura
Andrea Segura

Head of Business Development

José González
José Gonzalez

Quality and R+D+I Director

Manuel Barrios
Manuel Barrios

Sales Director