HYDRODISEÑO GLOBAL S.L. is the leading Spanish producer of prefabricated bathroom and kitchen modules, industrially manufactured, according to 2 types of structure, lightweight metal and reinforced concrete, under our brand CUBIK®.

In HYDRODISEÑO GLOBAL, S.L each project is studied in detail, defining the dimensions, equipment and qualities in accordance with the client’s requirements and the regulations in force in each of the countries where the modules are to be installed.

The service that HYDRODISEÑO GLOBAL, S.L can provide to its clients covers all the possible phases of each project: the study and design of the modules with 3D BIM technology, from the offer phase to the final approval of the designs; the planning of deliveries and transport to destination; the manufacture and control of the manufacturing phases of each module in real time; the commissioning; the after-sales service.

HYDRODISEÑO GLOBAL, S.L also offers standardized prefabricated modules that do not require a project, making it possible to have a lower relative sale price.

HYDRODISEÑO GLOBAL, S.L interprets a modern concept of industry in continuous innovation at the service of the construction: patented systems designed specifically for the manufacture of our prefabricated modules; our own know-how and experience accumulated since our inception in 2005, as well as those shared with another similar “sister” company, leader in Europe with more than 35 years in the sector; strong investment in new technology; modern facilities; highly qualified personnel specialised in continuous training; real-time manufacturing control; strict systematic quality control; use of high quality products and proven brands; quality management system certified in accordance with ISO9001:2015; etc.

All this makes HYDRODISEÑO GLOBAL, S.L a highly reliable, dynamic and flexible company of prefabricated modules for any request from our customers.

The Management of HYDRODISEÑO GLOBAL, S.L is aware of the importance of the achievement of Quality in the management of the company, and therefore, it sets it as a strategic objective measured and evaluated continuously. The Management is fully aligned and committed to the achievement of this objective, the aim of which is to offer our customers a guarantee of high Quality in our products and services.

The following operational objectives have been established to achieve this quality assurance:

  • Strict compliance with the deadlines committed to the clients.
  • Compliance with all regulatory requirements and commitments to the customer, in terms of design, environment, quality and occupational risk prevention.
  • Optimum communication with the client. Detection and satisfaction of their needs and those of future users following the standards of today’s society.
  • Compliance and continuous improvement of the management system by all personnel.
  • Rigorous control of the activities and processes carried out by the company to detect and correct errors and for their continuous improvement.
  • Continuous investment in technology and process improvement.
  • Careful selection and control of specialised personnel and subcontractors.
  • Ongoing staff training.