Elevate Your Destination with Ensuite Glamping Pods

Across Europe, the luxury camping, or “glamping” market is growing at a record pace. As spending on luxury travel and outdoor pursuits returns to near-record levels, the most competitive campsites are those that can offer the amenities and design features that high-spending travellers come to expect.

If you are looking for ways to elevate your luxury campsite to attract new customers and appeal to new audiences, you could benefit from installing ensuite glamping pods. Produced ready-made by Hydrodiseño, our unique bathroom pods combine cutting-edge design, comfort, and harmony with the natural surroundings to give a glamping experience like no other. Read on to find out why our modular pods will elevate your destination.

All-facility camping

Nowadays, travellers want to experience the great outdoors without having compromising on design and comfort. This is why offering glamping pods with ensuite bathrooms will help you capture a slice of this growing and competitive travel market. Our ensuite pods are created via our modular architecture approach, with every single pod being designed and built off-site with the specifications of your site in mind. By doing this, we can guarantee bathroom pods that arrive ready-to-use with all of the facilities that discerning campers will expect, including toilets, sinks, rainfall showers, heated towel racks, and more. 

Design that compliments the natural surroundings

For many, the thing that makes the camping experience so special is the opportunity to be at one with nature. There is no reason why one would need to compromise on luxury and comfort to feel truly connected to their natural surroundings. Our bespoke bathroom pods can be tailor-made to match the environment of your campsite, ensuring a seamless blend with your most important asset; your natural surroundings.

What’s more, all our bathroom pods are designed and created according to the highest principles of sustainable construction. We only use material from sustainable sources when building our unique pods, while every step of our construction process is designed to eliminate waste. By choosing our sustainable bathroom pods, you are choosing luxury accommodation both compliments and protects our natural world. 

The benefits of ensuite glamping pods

When choosing our prefabricated bathrooms for your luxury campsite, there are many important advantages to consider. For one, each pod is designed in harmony with your site’s natural surrounds, ensuring that all of your guests can enjoy convenience and comfort without disruption to their nature experience.

Meanwhile, our glamping accommodation is designed with environmental sustainability in mind. As a resort owner, you can use our pods to furnish your green credentials, in order to meet growing market demand for truly eco-friendly, experiential travel concepts. Meanwhile, our pods have several practical advantages to you and your bottom line.

Every pod is designed and quickly constructed off-site with the needs and requirements of your site in mind. This means that all of the pods can be delivered and installed ready to go in just a few hours. Our designs are flexible, meaning that you can tailor each and every pod to the specific needs of the environment or your guests, as well as cost-effective, allowing you to save money in the process. 

Explore our portfolio today 

If you are ready to enhance your site with luxury, eco-friendly ensuite glamping pods, don’t just take our word for it. Make sure to explore our extensive portfolio, where you can find our recent work designing luxury accommodations for some of the most prestigious names in global hospitality.