Visit of the Eminent Cardinal Juan José Omella to Hydrodiseño

On Tuesday, March 16, at Hydrodiseño we had the pleasure of hosting the visit of the Eminent Cardinal-Archbishop of Barcelona, president of the Spanish Episcopal Conference, Mr. Juan José Omella Omella to our facilities in Huércal-Overa (Almería), as well as the blessing of the sculpture “Triumph to the Patriarch San José” – made by Cuéllar Stone- and the new expansion of our factory.

En esta visita nos acompañaron el recién nombrado obispo coadjutor de Almería, D. Antonio Gómez Cantero y el párroco del municipio de Huércal-Overa, D. Víctor Manuel Fernández Maldonado, junto con otras autoridades eclesiásticas y representantes de la administración provincial y autonómica .

Faced with such an important visit, our General Manager Matías Segura has been the host together with José Batlles, Iberia’s Commercial Manager, who has led during this intense day tomorrow, the guided tour of the facilities to learn about the manufacturing work of our prefabricated modules of bathrooms.
During this visit, the Cardinal carried out the process of blessing the recently opened new extension, at the same time that he demonstrated the value and effort that Hydrodiseño carries out to promote employment and the quality of life of all the people who work or have a close relationship with the company.

Immediately afterwards, the inauguration and blessing of the sculpture “Triunfo al Patriarca José” took place. Monument made by Cuellar Stone, a company with more than 60 years of history, specialized in the design and production of projects carved in 3D natural stone.
One of our illustrious guests, Carmen Navarro, deputy for Economic Development, highlighted the importance of companies such as Hydrodiseño for the economic development of the province of Almería and eastern Almería:

«The province of Almería is entrepreneurial and its business fabric is sustains wealth and job creation. I am sure that San José will take care of the future of this company and its employees with this image that has been inaugurated by Cardinal Omella himself »

Carmen Navarro

After this act, we concluded the honorable visit that Hydrodiseño with such thoroughness and enthusiasm had been preparing so that it could be carried out in the best possible way, taking care of the hygiene and safety measures that the current pandemic situation requires.

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