Prefabricated Pods

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Prefabricated Bathroom pods for businesses

Industrialised baños prefabricados & kitchens pods. For large construction projects, hotels, residential homes, student accommodation, hospitals and any other type of building that may require a considerable number of modules. Meet the new way of building, more effective, more economical and with a lower carbon footprint.

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    The best Building Solution

    instalaciones offsite
    Off-site Construction

    Construction of off-site modules, allowing greater efficiency.

    responsabilidad corporativa

    Pollution reduction with low CO2 emission processes.

    proveedor único
    One Single Supplier

    Brings all suppliers together in a single contact and simplify the process.

    entregas a tiempo
    Up to 30% faster

    Meets deadlines through time savings.

    control de calidad
    ISO Certified

    Guarantee Certified by ISO quality management standards.

    precio estable
    30% Money saving

    Cost reductions of up to 30% through process optimisation.

    módulos prefabricados

    Construction Made Easy

    With the use of prefabricated bathroom pods and kitchen pods, construction of large buildings is much faster, more efficient and with greater guarantees than with traditional construction, which is why this trend is growing in the world of construction.

    Our Services


    Tailor-made designs adapted to the requests of architects, engineers and designers. Bespoke solutions for a perfect finish.

    construcción modular

    Construction from structure to tiling and all the necessary accessories for a complete ready-to-use space.

    construcción modular
    placing module

    We carry out the installation of the module on site with the maximum guarantees to ensure its correct operation.