Hotel Construction Trends That Are Reshaping Hospitality

As the global hospitality industry re-emerges stronger than ever before, hoteliers are taking stock of what really matters. Hotel construction around the world is heating up rapidly, with many of the world’s most successful hospitality brands making game-changing investments in exciting locales around the globe. If you’re thinking about your next development, here are the new hotel trends that you’ll want to stay on top of.

Modular Construction

One of the hotel industry trends that is dominating new design is modular construction. This is a more sustainable approach to kitchens and bathrooms especially, in which “pods” can be designed and constructed completely off-site with the needs of the development in mind.

The finished, bespoke bathroom pods and kitchens can then be transported directly to the site and installed quickly and efficiently. Modular construction uses cutting-edge 3D modelling the ensure that hundreds of rooms can be consistently and uniformly designed to perfectly meet the environmental needs of the site.

Prefabricated Bathroom pods

Going Green

This one almost goes without saying. As concerns about the ethics and sustainably of tourism take centre stage in the new decade, green construction is set to become one of the defining hospitality trends. Green construction, an industry that was already worth $264 billion worldwide in 2019, is on track to account for $610 billion worth of construction by 2027, much of which will be taking place in the hotel sector.

Sustainable construction can take many forms within the hotel industry. It can mean integrating your development with your natural surroundings in a way that is non-disruptive to the local flora and fauna, as is being done across the eco-tourism sector. It can mean the construction of a hotel that runs on renewables, as is not the case with dozens of hotels in London.

Again, going green is something that can be aided by the use of modular pods, since modular construction is centred heavily on the reduction of waste to the absolute minimum, both on and off-site. Modular construction can help you meet your sustainability goals by reducing material consumption and making sure that all of your designs are fit for use from the get-go. 

Corporate Social Responsibility 

Much in the same way that hoteliers are becoming more aware of their responsibilities to the environment, genuine social responsibility is also becoming a driving force with the industry. This means taking steps to ensure your development benefits the surrounding community and can be seen as a resource and social space for local residents, as well as guests.

It also means the manufacture and management of products under the metrics of social responsibility, through the use of renewable energies, reduction of environmental pollution, and the use of sustainable products. These are objectives that, say, the use of prefabricated bathrooms for hotels can help to fulfil.

At Hydrodiseño, we promote continuous improvement in all of our design processes in order to meet social responsibility goals. In turn, we believe that our drive for innovation can help to revolutionize the hotel construction industry altogether, by making it easier for companies to meet their sustainability and responsibility ambitions. 

These are the hotel construction trends that are refining the meaning of hospitality and changing how businesses and customers alike approach travel. If you are looking to renovate your existing development or build a new one, these are the trends to stay on top of in 2021 and beyond.