What is Modular Architecture?

Whether your construction project is a private residence, large-scale facility, public building, hotel, or anything in between, the most important goal is to achieve the highest quality building work for the best value for money, all completed in a timely fashion.

For this, modular architecture can help you meet these goals. At Hydrodiseño, we use cutting-edge 3D technology to bring modular design to life, so that you can reap the benefits of this game-changing design trend. If you are wondering “what is a modular architecture design?”, read on to find out everything you need to know. 

What is Modular Architecture?

So, what exactly is a modular structure? In a nutshell, a modular structure is one that has been designed and built entirely off-site, in a dedicated factory. Modular design involves multiple simultaneous stages of design and construction taking place across the factory at the same time, ensuring maximum time efficiency for large-scale building projects.

Various rooms, such as bathrooms and kitchens, can be designed according to the exact needs of your construction project and produced at our site en masse, before being securely transported to your site for quick and easy installation.

This is because modular architecture typically takes the form of pods, with each design being build inside a modular pod that can easily be fitted into any site, according to the unique needs of the client. At Hydrodiseño, our modular pods are designed using advanced 3D modelling technology, to ensure that all of our gorgeous bathrooms and kitchens can be perfectly fitted into your site upon arrival.

We improve efficiency and integrate the design phase with the rest of the value chain by using building-information-modelling and creating full 3D models. This enables us to automate our design and building processes with robotic manufacturing, ensuring maximum time efficiency and value for money.

Our solution of prefabricated bathrooms is a modern construction system that takes care of all the design and assembly details that can lose relevance during more traditional construction approaches. With modular design, you are in control of the final product.

Warehouse with Cubik Steel bathroom pods

Modular Architecture Advantages

So, why choose modular construction? Modular construction has many advantages over traditional methods, especially if you need beautifully designed kitchens and bathrooms for your large, multi-use property. Here are some of the key modular architecture advantages that you can enjoy with Hydrodiseño design: 

Design for Your Site

By choosing a modular design, you can ensure that every element of your bathroom or kitchen pods are perfectly suited to the needs of your site. Every single pod can be produced to the exact requirements of your building and to the correct size and material needs. 

Total Customisation 

When you choose modular architecture, you are putting yourself in the driver’s seat. No matter small, Hydrodiseño can fulfil your requests when designing bespoke bathrooms and kitchen pods. With our cutting-edge 3D modelling, we can guarantee that your designs turn out exactly how you want. 

Sustainable Design 

In all areas of architecture, sustainability is more important than ever. The assembly line construction process of modular pods means that waste is kept to an absolute minimum, while tailored design means a reduced likelihood of costly errors and repeats. This can help you to ensure that your project meets modern sustainable design standards. 

Standardisation in Design

When designing a large-scale site with many occupants and users, standardisation is essential. You want to be able to guarantee the same level of quality across all of your units, as well as the same level of functionality and use. Modular architecture is, by definition, completely standardised, ensuring predictable, consistent results for you. 

Cost-Effective Design 

If you care about your bottom line, you should consider the modular approach. We integrate the design phase with the rest of the value chain, ensuring that the design process plays a vital role in improving building efficiency and keeping costs down. This is the promise of modular architecture and ultimately gives you more freedom. 

Modular Architecture Examples 

Here at Hydrodiseño, we have no shortage of acclaimed modular architecture examples to showcase our abilities and inspire you. Here are some of our favourite prefabricated bathrooms and kitchens: