Why Now is the Time to Choose Outdoor Bathrooms

If you are considering innovative ways to make an impression with your guests and tenants, prefabricated outdoor bathrooms may be the solution. The latest trend in high-end bathroom design, an exterior bathroom allows you to bring together the very best in bathroom functionality with the peaceful harmony of your natural surroundings.

The very best outdoor bathroom ideas are those that have all-year-round appeal and can offer a true multi-environment experience without compromising on quality. With our bespoke prefabricated outdoor bathroom solutions, we can deliver this for you. Read on to learn more. 

Our Bespoke Outdoor Bathroom Solutions for You

At┬áHydrodiseno, our innovative prefabricated bathroom pods, designed with the latest 3D modelling software, can help bring bespoke indoor-outdoor bathrooms to your site. Whether it’s a hotel, private residence, spa, or multi-purpose accommodation site; we can design fitted outdoor bathrooms that are tailored to the needs of your development.

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Thanks to our cutting edge 3D modelling technology, we can design flawless outdoor bathrooms that deliver exactly what you want, without having to compromise on quality. Once we have perfected your vision, we can mass-produce your outdoor bathroom pods on-site so that they are ready to roll out and install whenever you need them.

Our bathroom models can be used both indoors and outdoors, thanks to our versatile and durable materials that can be adapted to any site. By choosing prefabricated outdoor bathroom pods, you can avoid the pitfalls of traditional bathroom construction.

No longer will you have to deal with lengthy construction delays or spiralling costs, since all of our pods are tailored to your site and can be quickly built on our assembly line. Moreover, our design and construction approach promises to save you substantial amounts of money compared to the traditional approach, since our efficient, optimised approach is designed with your margins in mind. 

Our Favourite Outdoor Bathroom Ideas 

Outdoor bathrooms. Photo by Helen Varetska on Unsplash
Outdoor bathrooms. Photo by Helen Varetska on Unsplash

Ultra-Modern Outdoor Bathrooms

Outdoor bathrooms are the cutting-edge of comfort and design. Therefore, it makes sense to opt for an ultra-contemporary look and feel for your own outdoor bathrooms. Think stainless steel fixtures, a sleek shower compartment, and tech-focused solutions to provide maximum convenience and comfort.

Country Rustic Outdoor Bathrooms

For a more traditional aesthetic and mood, you can opt for country-style, rustic prefabricated outdoor bathrooms. These could include all of the visual elements of a traditional bathroom, such as clawfoot tubs, honeycomb tiles, and shaker-style furniture, without any need to compromise on modern luxuries.

Hawaiian Tropical Outdoor Bathrooms 

The tropical paradise of Hawaii is the original pioneer of the outdoor bathroom, which is why Hawaiian-inspired themes are often a popular choice. Your tropical outdoor bathroom paradise could include a serene waterfall shower that evokes the natural bliss of Maui, as well as bamboo fixtures and plenty of greenery to make your space truly pop.

Concrete Chic Outdoor Bathrooms

Brutalist design trends are currently all the rage, which is why a style-conscious developer might want to opt for concrete chic outdoor bathroom pods. Think polished concrete appliances, walls, and floors that stay cool all year round, as well as futuristic backlights and minimalist taps and fixtures throughout. 

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