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When a project requires simplicity, uniformity, and reliability, bathroom pods are an ideal solution. Our sanitary units are expertly manufactured and completely self-supporting. That means you can slot them into any building project, old or new, with total ease and simplicity. What’s more, thanks to digital technology and 3D modelling, we can refine our bathroom pods to suit individual needs. The end result is an efficient, cost-effective, and reliable sanitary solution for hotels, homes, hospitals, and more.

What is a Prefabricated Bathroom Pod?

At their core, our bathroom pods are self-contained cells that offer a full sanitary set-up. From the walls, ceilings, and doors to tiles, basins, toilets, and pipework; our bathroom pods are fully autonomous units. Naturally, as prefabricated bathroom pod manufacturers, we know what it takes to build the perfect unit. That’s why consistency is crucial.

Our innovative assembly-line allows us to build uniformity into the manufacturing process from the start. That ensures our products are built to precise specifications time and time again. That makes Hydrodiseño bathroom pods perfect for large-scale commercial projects or any business that requires a simple, reliable sanitary solution.

Why You Should Let Hydrodiseño Handle Your Sanitary Needs

Hydrodiseño Global S.L. is based in Spain. However, since our launch in 2005, we’ve become one of the leading prefabricated bathroom pod manufacturers in Europe. Our reputation for excellence comes from an intimate knowledge of the industry, a commitment to customer satisfaction, and use of innovative technology.

1. Cost-Effective And Efficient

We produce high-quality bathroom pods at prices you can afford

Our team not only works with you to deliver products on time, but they’ll also help you minimise costs and come in on budget.

2. Flexibility From Standardised Constructions

Unlike other prefabricated bathroom pod manufacturers, we don’t force you to adjust your plans to suit our products. We can offer standardised bathrooms or tailor units to suits your needs. Through our 3D digital modelling, we make sure your pods not only fit the way you want, but look the way you want.

3. Quality Control Through Innovative Manufacturing

Our non-hostile assembly lines use state-of-the-art technology to achieve high degrees of accuracy, repeatability, and scalability. 

That allows us to produce consistently high-quality bathroom pods that meet your needs every time.


Bathroom Pods for Every Setting

We offer off-the-shelf bathroom pods and bespoke designs tailored to your needs. That means we can cover all building projects in any setting. It doesn’t matter if you’re retrofitting, renovating, or starting from scratch, our pods can be slotted into any space and adjusted to suit the dimensions you require.

We can work with you to find a sanitary solution for your project. Our team of experts understands the nuances of bathroom pods and the construction industry at large. Therefore, we can advise you on the best option for your building needs. Some of the main areas you’ll find our top-quality prefabricated bathroom pods are:

To find out how our prefabricated bathroom pods can provide a complete sanitary solution for your next project, request a brochure or speak to one of our agents today.

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