Prefabricated bathrooms for hotels

We would like to focus on prefabricated bathrooms for hotels, and the advantages of this type of modular construction in comparison with the traditional mode of construction. To do so, we will showcase some of our most important projects, such as the Hotel Grand Luxor Terra Mítica All Suites, where we installed 278 prefabricated bathroom modules.

This incredible five-star hotel is located in the vicinity of the Terra Mítica theme park, Benidorm, right in the heart of Costa Blanca.

What do we offer and how do we carry out these prefabricated bathroom projects for hotels?


With over 40 years of experience in Europe, we offer our customers specialised and professional technical care during the design and installation of efficient spaces.

Hydrodiseño is committed to major industrialisation of its prefabricated bathroom manufacturing methods. Our factory, which covers 10,000 m2, is sustainable and environmentally conscious. The factory can produce over 5,000 units each year and meets the quality standards as certified by AENOR, the Spanish Association for Standardisation.

Our commercial and technical staff work hand in hand to provide our customers with continuous assistance, from the first step in production to the last. Everything is covered, from the first design phase to project delivery.

Hydrodiseño uses a wide range of materials in the design of its bathrooms to meet each client’s design and construction needs.



Grand Luxor Terra Mítica Hotel
Grand Luxor Terra Mítica Hotel
Grand Luxor Terra Mítica All Suites Hotel
Grand Luxor Terra Mítica All Suites Hotel

Our other prefabricated bathroom projects for hotels


Next, we have the Le Meridien Oran Hotel & Convention Centre. This luxury hotel is located in Oran, Algeria, on the Mediterranean coastline. 284 prefabricated bathroom modules were completed for this project.

Le Meridien Oran Hotel and Convention Centre
Le Meridien Oran Hotel and Convention Centre

Finally, we have the project carried out for Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Ajaccio Bay in Pietrosella, France, facing Ajaccio Bay. This project included 160 prefabricated bathrooms.

Radisson Blu Resort Bathroom
Radisson Blu Resort Bathroom

What are the advantages of industrialised construction?

Some of the advantages of the industrialised construction of prefabricated bathrooms for hotels include delivery schedules, pilot modules, ease of connection and maintenance, installation speed, and technical and commercial assistance.

This type of construction boasts advantages over traditional construction, some of which are based on the economic pillar and incur cost savings. However, the rest are related to:

  • Functionality
  • Comfort
  • Control
  • Time

It is important to point out the versatility of our product. We have delivered projects for clients like student residences, nursing homes, hotels, residential housing, hospitals, industrial buildings and prisons.

With Hydrodiseño, you will be sure of your project’s success thanks to the simultaneous nature of the project phases, which results in time savings, and the high quality of the design and execution of our prefabricated bathrooms.

In life, people will know you for what you say and judge you for what you do. This is why, at Hydrodiseño, we adapt ourselves to each client’s hopes and desires to meet all of their expectations. We know that working with and for our clients is working for ourselves.

Want to know more about the price of prefabricated modules? Find answers to this and other frequently asked questions about modular construction on our website.