Small modular kitchen: Ideas to make the most of the space

Choosing the right design and features for a small modular kitchen is very important whether you are designing it for your home or a hotel, a hospital, or even a residential, or student complex.

At Hydrodiseño we specialize in combining the best technology with fine craftsmanship. We manage to adapt our prefabricated module projects, including prefabricated kitchens, to the exact site requirements, high quality, and low construction costs.

We know that the kitchen is one of the key areas in a home or residence, but sometimes there isn’t enough space available to set it up. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot have a charming, comfortable, and functional kitchen.

We invite you to read below the best ideas and solutions to install a small modular kitchen that meets all the expectations of residents and visitors.

A small modular kitchen: What is it and why is it an excellent choice for small spaces?

The first question when evaluating the possibility of choosing a small modular kitchen is why to choose modular construction over on-site or traditional construction.

There are several benefits and advantages, including the following:

Efficient and fast assembly.

At Hydrodiseño we believe that stipulated times and deadlines must be respected and met. That is why we assure our clients that their projects will be completed on time, without unexpected downtime.

Thanks to the 3D modelling we use to design our modular bathrooms or kitchens our customers don’t need to adjust their plans to fit our products. On the contrary, our designs adapt perfectly to their requirements and needs.

Therefore, assembly is quick and easy, as our modular kitchens are ready to be installed when they arrive on-site, ensuring maximum time efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Durability and top quality

We use the highest quality materials, which guarantees the durability of our modular kitchens. This translates into money savings and ensures satisfied residents and guests.

Likewise, once our professionals have defined and finished the 3D design, we can produce as many standardized units as necessary, always with the same level of quality and the same technical, design, and functional characteristics.

Low-cost, customized industrialized construction

The industrialized construction (offsite construction) that is carried out outside the construction site, in a specialized factory, is made to scale and fully customized. Adapting 100% to the site or final destination where it will be installed, and always maintaining low construction costs.

Whether you need a small modular kitchen, indoor or outdoor, or you are looking for a set of luxury kitchen units that provide residents with an upscale experience, Hydrodiseño can help you develop and implement your projects.

Our modular kitchens are completely functional from the moment they are installed. Therefore, no matter if you have little space or square meters, we can create a small modular kitchen that effectively fulfils the functions needed in a kitchen, taking advantage of every centimetre efficiently and practically.

Our broad professional experience allows us to perform customized and exclusive works with modular construction materials, such as concrete and steel of the highest quality, in hotels, residential complexes, hospitals and clinics, apartment buildings, or military headquarters, to name a few examples.

We also invite you to read more about the advantages of modular kitchens.

Small modular kitchens. Photo by Pickawood on Unsplash

How to organize a small modular kitchen?

Unique styles for every need

Knowing how to organize a small modular kitchen is simple if you follow certain parameters and indications. Let’s look at three very useful and appropriate designs or styles for a modular kitchen for small spaces.

L-shaped kitchens

This is an ideal design for small modular kitchens. In this case, the kitchen configuration is organized on two walls. This allows you to take full advantage of the space available.

Modules and appliances are usually placed on one wall. And, on the other, you can add storage space or a small table (which can be removed once you finish using it).

U-shaped kitchens

This type of kitchen offers a fairly efficient work triangle for a small modular kitchen. In addition, it provides plenty of storage space, and you can add a countertop, which is ideal as a workspace.

If you have a square kitchen, this may be the best choice.

Straight-line kitchen

This is the most classic and basic style or design. The entire kitchen is located on a straight wall. This is highly recommended for loft apartments, studios, or offices.

U Smaill Modular Kitchens. Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

Small modular kitchen ideas: How to make them look bigger?

Here are three simple ideas to make a small modular kitchen look bigger:

Light and neutral colours

Light and neutral colours help small spaces look larger. Therefore, when installing a small modular kitchen, it’s a good idea to use this type of colour on the walls and cabinets, and even on the ceiling.

This also helps the kitchen to keep the same line of continuity in the space, and at the same time, it will reflect light better, making the space appear brighter and more luminous.

Take advantage of natural light

It is always a good idea to have windows that allow natural light to pass through. This implies not placing curtains or blinds that block the light, but if that’s the case, try to use white curtains or wooden blinds that allow the passage of natural light during the day.

If there are no windows, it’s possible to place some lamps that achieve the same effect.

Choose small appliances

If you are going to install a small modular kitchen, you must consider small appliances. Avoid large refrigerators or dishwashers.

This way the kitchen won’t look cluttered, and all appliances will fit perfectly.

Conclusion: A small modular kitchen

As you can see, if you consider certain elements and aspects of style and design, it’s possible to turn a small modular kitchen into a functional, pleasant, and, even cheerful space.

At Hydrodiseño we consider both your needs and the characteristics of the site where the kitchen will be installed. We carry out personalized work, adjusting costs to the budget of your project, so we can satisfy all your requirements.

If you want to know more about modular kitchens for small spaces or about our services and construction processes to decide if they fit what you require for your new project, don’t hesitate to contact us,  we’ll be glad to offer you personalized advice.