The Importance of Sustainable Construction

Across the construction industry, developers, designers, and architects are increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability and are focusing on environmental concerns in their planning. Sustainable construction has taken on enhanced urgency as the implications of the global climate emergency have become clearer.

The construction industry is one of the world’s largest carbon emitters on the planet, which makes companies like ours uniquely responsible for impacting positive change. Sustainable construction is one of the defining hotel construction trends of the decade. But what is sustainable construction, and how can environmental sustainability in construction benefit the community? Read on to learn more. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

When asking yourself “what is green construction?”, corporate responsibility plays a key role. In order to make our environment more sustainable, companies must accept responsibility for this important task and make a real commitment to creating buildings that benefit the communities they are located in.

At Hydrodiseño, we use continually improving modular construction techniques to help us meet our sustainability goals. So, why choose modular construction? One of the main reasons is that waste is kept to an absolute minimum, with every bespoke kitchen or bathroom unit being perfectly tailored to the needs of your site.

Our modular construction techniques allow us to manufacture quality products under the metrics of social responsibility. As well as minimum waste, we also use renewable energy to power our production process, while also using sustainable materials to limit environmental pollution at every level. 

Waste Reduction 

Across every part of the construction industry, waste is a serious problem. By reducing waste throughout the construction process, developers can go a long way towards meeting necessary sustainability goals. As mentioned, Hydrodiseño uses cutting-edge design to create prefabricated bathrooms for hotels with as little waste as possible. This is just one of the ways that we’re striving to revolutionise the construction industry.

This is aided by the 3D modelling software that allows us to ensure all of our “pods” are designed according to the exact needs of the site, meaning that they can be built off-site and transported and fitted efficiently. Off-site, assembly-style construction allows us to ensure that only the exact materials that are needed are going to be used, which reduces the carbon footprint of your development in substantial ways. 

Sustainable Materials 

Whether you need apartment complex kitchens or student accommodation bathroom pods, the materials you use will go a long way towards meeting your sustainability goals.

For example, concrete, wood from certain trees (such as elm and cedar, which grow back slowly and are thus difficult to replace), and plastic, have a high carbon footprint and can be very resource-intensive. Meanwhile, sustainable building materials such as bamboo, timber, and recycled steel can ensure that your building does not come at the cost of the environment. 

Why Green Construction is Important 

Green construction is, of course, essential for ensuring that we meet our collective carbon reduction goals to keep the planet habitable and healthy. Sustainability in construction industry practices also matters for your bottom line. Customers and clients are more keenly aware of the importance of sustainability than ever.

Poor green credentials can and will impact negatively on your profits. Meanwhile, developers in many parts of the world are increasingly finding that authorities will provide incentives for green construction, such as tax breaks.

In addition, it is becoming the norm for polluting companies to face legal and financial penalties for their actions. Green construction can aid compliance, improve your public reputation, and help to save the planet. 

If you are interested in sustainable development, it all starts with your construction. For this, Hydrodiseño can help. Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help your development become more sustainable.