Why choose modular construction?

Modular construction is without a doubt the production system with the most present and future today. The current success of this type of construction means that more and more customers are choosing our construction system.

When we speak of modular construction, we refer to the construction process that begins in a factory, a place far from the final construction situation. In this place, the manufacture of the necessary elements for the design of our bathrooms begins.

The entire construction process of the prefabricated bathrooms begins with an industrialised system, where the prefabricated panels make up the modules that will give rise to our bathrooms.

The advantages of modular construction are high, but among the most outstanding we can mention the following:

1. Construction optimisation

Considerable reduction of execution times. 

The spaces that incorporate industrialised elements are manufactured in simultaneous phases that allow the reduction of terms up to 50% compared to the execution of a traditional work. This therefore affects the final price.

2. Sustainability

Reduction of waste and emissions; increased recycling potential.

Our off-site construction business model allows us to optimise the purchase and use of construction materials, while minimising the generation of waste in the area to be developed.

Specifically, waste is reduced by up to 80% and emissions by 60%, while the recycling potential is increased by up to 90%.

3. Personalisation

Digital twin that guarantees the precision of each unit.

We improve efficiency and integrate the design phase with the rest of the value chain through the use of building information models creating complete 3D models. This allows us to define the necessary variations in the processes guarantee the perfect fit when incorporating each unit in its final position.

4. Cost reduction

Up to 20% of the total cost. The production consists of specific processes in an industrial assembly line with a high degree of repeatability carried out in safe and delimited environments that allow direct cost savings. While the reduction of deadlines generates indirect cost savings.

5. Flexibility

Scalability to all construction projects and their characteristics. We use the same processes adapted to the technical requirements of the client and we customise all the interior elements giving our clients total freedom in the design of the room.

For all these reasons, this is why Hydrodiseño is currently the leader in the sector. We know the importance of reducing costs and saving time for a construction, therefore, we focus all our efforts on providing our modular construction of bathrooms with all the advantages of this technique.